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New Music: Tyler, the Creator - 'I Ain't Got Time!'

  /  07.19.2017

Tyler, the Creator “Ain’t Got Time!”

Just days before dropping his new album, Flower Boy, the Odd Future MC unleashes his latest release, “I Ain’t Got Time!”

The new track has an uptempo bounce, with quick-paced production, and a high-energy hook. It samples “Introduction” by Bel-Sha-Zaar, which has famously been sampled by Deee-Lite (“Groove Is in the Heart”) and J Dilla (“One Time”).

As previously reported, the song also includes a revealing lyric that is believed to be about his sexuality. “Next line, I’ll have em’ like woah,” he raps. “I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004.”

According to Tyler, the song is a combination of two different beats. One of the instrumentals was made for Kanye West during The Life of Pablo sessions, while the other was inspired by Deee-Lite’s Q-Tip and Bootsy Collins-assisted “Groove Is the Heart.”

Once Tyler combined these tracks into one, he had other plans for it. “I wanted Nicki Minaj on that shit so fucking bad,” he said. “You have no idea. I reached out to her so many times. Tried to get her number. She couldn’t think of nothing. She said, ‘I couldn’t think of nothing.’ That’s what they relayed. I’m like, ‘How the fuck you hear this beat and can’t think of shit? Stop that shit. Stop playing.’ I’m like, ‘Nicki playing me right now.’

“If Nicki got on that shit,” he added, “it would bring, not only me to a newer audience, but it would bring her to an audience of people who don’t think her shit is tight.’ That’s no shade to her. There’s a whole audience of people who’d be like, ‘Damn, I’ve never heard Nicki like that.’ I became a big fan of Nicki when I heard “Four Door Aventador” off the other album, when it wasn’t no trap-party-club shit. It was just her going in. I was like, ‘Nicki, trust me.’ She couldn’t think of nothing, so I was like, ‘Fuck it.'”

Featuring “Who Dat Boy” with A$AP Rocky, “911 / Mr. Lonely” with Frank Ocean, and “Boredom,” Flower Boy is due Friday (July 21).

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