Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator Performs '911' on 'Late Show'

  /  07.25.2017

Tyler, the Creator turned “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” into “Soul Train” on Monday (July 25), when he appeared on the late night program for a performance of “911” off his latest album, Flower Boy.

Performing on stage with Steve Lacy beside him, the Odd Future MC put together a throwback vibe. Joined by friends, he even showed off some dance moves in a “Soul Train” line.


Following the show, he tweeted: “i sang on live tv and it sounded great. my voice control from chur bum to this album has gotten so much better.”

Dubbed a “creative powerhouse” by Colbert, Tyler came out for the interview in boxers and grabbed the host by the ass.

“When you came out here, you just touched me on the butt,” said Colbert. “We have it on camera…If we worked together, I would have to report you to HR right now, if that was unwelcome contact. You’re lucky that was welcome contact. I prefer all my guests do that.”

During the interview, Tyler also explained why his latest album features less rap than usual. “I just wanted to produce and have people sing,” he said. “I didn’t wanna rap a lot on it. I kept all my rap verses short and everything I said, I made sure it was ridiculously important. I think that’s what people like about it this time. There’s nothing funny on it.”

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