Smooth Sailing

New Music: Trick Daddy & Trina feat. Ali Coyote - 'Smooth Sailing'

  /  07.28.2017

Trick Daddy and Trina are “Smooth Sailing” into their joint project with the release of their new single featuring Ali Coyote.

As if riding on a yacht, Trick kicks off the verse with the announcement of his resurgence. “First of all, I ain’t ever rehearsed and I ain’t ever been versatile,” he raps. “I’ve been out the game for awhile, but now I’m back and shit ’bout to get personal.”

Meanwhile, Trina sing-raps about “getting white-girl-wasted” before bragging about her charm. “You know I’m looking good, take a picture, make a painting,” she adds. “Tonight’s a celebration / The way you’re looking back at me, no need for conversation.”

“Smooth Sailing” is the lead single from Trick and Trina’s explosive joint project, TNT, which was announced in March. Speaking of the collaboration, Trick told Billboard that it’s meant to have a global sound.

“We’re going to do music for all walks of Earth,” he explained. “We got a Jamaican feature on there, Ali Coyote. He’s a stone-cold Jamaican, for real. Then, we give shout-outs to the Haitians in the hook. We’re coming from the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods and showing them all of that. Both of us come from low-income homes. We want to do music to remind them of what we used to be. This album is really going to show them the true color of Miami, what we stand for and what we’re about.”

According to Trick — who recently banned Meek Mill from Miami — TNT may include collaborations with CeeLo Green, Scarface, Betty Wright, and Slick Rick, but the album does not yet have a release date.

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