Video: SZA – ‘Supermodel’

After lighting up “The Tonight Show” with “Love Galore,” SZA unleashes the starry visual for “Supermodel,” the latest single from her debut album Ctrl.

Directed by Nabil — who also worked on the dark and gory “Love Galore” video — this clip is brighter, though just as deadly. It follows the TDE songstress’ journey through a magical forest, led by children fairies, who blow pixie dust kisses at their hero.

SZA is a seductive and confident lead, strutting through the forest in a see-through black blouse and matching Ctrl panties. Eventually, she joins a group of children, as they shoot imaginary guns and explosives at her ex.

Yesterday, “Supermodel” was played during the latest episode of HBO’s “Insecure,” a move that was celebrated by actress/writer/executive producer Issa Rae. “We got sent this SZA track before the album came out and I was in LOVEEEE,” she wrote. “Lowkey the whole album could be on the show. #InsecureHBO.”

SZA quickly responded to the praise. “this means so much to me I wanna say more but i fear I’m peaking on thirst,” wrote SZA. “lol I’m just so thankful..I really prayed and dreamed of this.”

According to SZA, “Insecure” is her favorite show and an inspiration. “Played this song w this show n my Mind 4 so long it don’t make sense lol,” she wrote. “just thankful cool shits happening to me at all.”

All of this might not have happened if SZA had her way. During an interview with The Guardian, the New Jersey singer said she might not have even released Ctrl, if the decision was in her hands.

“They just took my hard drive from me,” she said. “That was all. I just kept fucking everything up. I just kept moving shit around. I was choosing from 150, 200 songs, so I’m just like, who knows what’s good any more?”

Although she claims not to know exactly who took the hard drive, she says it all worked out for the best. “Any longer and I probably wouldn’t [have put it out],” she explained. “I’m also driving myself fucking crazy, so I don’t know. Give me another month and it would have been something completely different.”