DMX Violates Bail, Could Face Jail Time

DMX could be headed back to jail.

The controversial rapper, who is currently out on bail in a tax evasion case, recently went to visit family in St. Louis without informing the judge. Since he is supposed to alert authorities anytime he is out of town, the judge could very well send X behind bars, according to TMZ.

But Murray Richman, the Yonkers rapper’s lawyer, claims that his client simply forgot about the condition because he was “preoccupied with the trip.” He says it is unlike X to do this and he believes the judge may add restrictions to his case, including an ankle bracelet requirement. Richman intends to fight it.

Last month, X was arrested for allegedly “engaging in a multi-year scheme to conceal” $1.7 million in taxes from the Internal Revenue Service. He is facing 14 counts, including tax evasion, failure to file a tax return, and corruptly trying to obstruct and impede the IRS.

The rapper, who recently freestyled about his case at a courthouse, is scheduled to attend court again this week.