Trina Lashes Out at Female Rappers in Epic Rant

  /  08.10.2017

Don’t mess with Da Baddest Bitch.

After reuniting with Trick Daddy in the video for “Smooth Sailing,” Trina is lashing out against “jealous-ass, mad-ass, wack, sad-ass, bad-body-ass, nasty-lookin’-ass b**ches” in a profanity-laced video.

“Y’all h**s want smoke,” said Trina. “Well, now you got it. Y’all hoes gonna respect my motherf**kin’ name. I’ma start making you hoes bow down and kiss my motherf**kin’ feet. Y’all bum-ass h**s. I paved the way for y’all h**s to even speak in Miami, b**ch. Don’t even talk my motherf**kin’ name without saying motherf**kin’ miss and if you call me a b**ch, make sure you put baddest in front of it.”

It’s rumored that Trina is dissing Khia, who called her out for not owning her alleged past as a stripper. “Trina wanna act like she ain’t never did none of that,” said the “My Neck, My Back” rapper. “She was just a Diamond Princess. You can’t do that, girl. You got to keep it 1000.”

But Khia wasn’t the only one subjected to Trina’s wrath. She also clapped back at fellow Miami rapper and rumored “Love & Hip Hop Miami” cast member Kim B Rocs. “Y’all h**s plotting trying to get on TV,” she exclaimed. “Bitch, guess what? I am the motherf**kin’ TV. Same one you’ve been looking at for 17 years, punk-ass b**ch. And guess what? You can’t get on a motherf**kin’ show without me.”

Trina continued with an onslaught of disses. “Get off my d**k,” she said. “Suck my d**k, ho. All y’all hoes, suck my motherf**kin’ di**k, wack-ass bitches.” Later, she added: “I told you to meet me where I told you to come. You ain’t show up, b**ch.”

Kim B Rocs addressed Trina in a video of her own, accusing her of lying about her sexuality, among other things. “You not real,” she said. “You’re gay as f**k. You’re gayer than a motherf**ker. You are so motherf**kin’ gay, b**ch. … I’ll leave my main b**ch for you, so that’s telling you something. You the gayest bitch.”

Trina, who is rumored to be joining the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” is gearing up for the release of her sixth album The One, which is due Sept. 8.

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