Scott Daniels

Sportscaster References Travis Scott 42 Times

  /  08.22.2017

It’s lit. Scott Daniels, a news anchor at KSBY in San Luis Obispo, Calif., decided to mix 42 Travis Scott references into his three-minute sportscast.

Playing off his name, Scott sprinkled song titles and lyrical references throughout the broadcast. After breaking down a Dodgers game, he added: “The Dodgers players won’t be back in their homes in the 90210, off Doheny, until Friday,” referencing “90210” and “goosebumps.”

Later, he added: “The Cal Poly rodeo kickoff celebration starts Friday through the late night Sept. 8 at the rodeo grounds. It’s lit.” Here, he managed to throw in Rodeo, “Through the Late Night,” and La Flame’s popular ad-lib into the mix.

According to Daniels, there are 42 Travis references in the video, which at least one fan tried to break down. Quoting the tweet, Daniels added: “This guy is good. Real good.”

La Flame will give Daniels more references to include in his reports. He is currently prepping AstroWorld and his Quavo joint project for release. Both efforts are said to be coming soon.

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