Azealia Banks Calls M.I.A. ‘Anti-Black’

Azealia Banks may have reconciled with Iggy Azalea earlier this year, but she’s just launched a new feud with M.I.A.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (Aug. 29), Banks went on a racially-charged tirade against her new target. “Mia be lowkey trying to take credit for black culture and the shit is annoying. She’s like clearly quite anti-black,” she tweeted. “I don’t get her points a lot of the time it’s like she came up in hip-hop then wants to be like what about my people but tries to discredit. It’s always like why do you care about blacks and not Indians when blacks took this from my culture. She stay trying to compare struggles. When it’s like honey… just spit your rhyme.”

This comes on the heels of a lengthy M.I.A. post about Diplo on Instagram. “It’s important you don’t see me as a Iil thing diplo discovered because I’m a brown woman,” she wrote. “and this is the first story of a brown female musician who smashed it for the first time . That didn’t happen because I accidentally walked passed diplo.”

In the midst of all of this, Banks has also announced a new North American tour. The just-announced 18-date trek is scheduled to kick off Oct. 3 in Grand Rapids. From there, the jaunt will hit several locations, including Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, before coming to an end in San Francisco on Oct. 28.

Earlier this year, Banks made headlines when she and Iggy teased a collaboration after squashing their beef. Prior to that, Azealia dropped a couple of new tracks, including “Crown” and “Chi Chi.”