New Music: Yelawolf feat. Travis Barker & Juicy J – ‘Punk’

Yelawolf revives his “Punk” rock spirit with a new Travis Barker and Juicy J-assisted headbanger.

While his frequent collaborator, the famed Blink-182 drummer, handles the quick-paced percussion, Pyscho White delivers his own rapid-fire bars. “I’m a million light-years away from the dark,” he raps. “A thousand miles and running / Country boy can survive, I’m alive, a loaded gun.”

As the Slumerican references Three 6 Mafia, Nas, N.W.A, and Notorious B.I.G. lyrics, Juicy J handles the bouncy chorus. “Since they’re sleepin’ on me, let me wake ’em up,” he raps. “Got the world in my palm, watch me shake it up / Everything I’m talkin’ real, I ain’t make it up / I know you probably think I care, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Only Travis and Juicy are credited as guests, but the track also features some other familiar faces. “Producing this record was a head trip,” said Yelawolf. “There are so many talented artist on the song, Travis Barker, Juicy J, Flea on bass, Chance McCoy on fiddle, DJ Klever and Bones Owens all came together to make this crazy ass song. I don’t even know how it happened; I’m just rolling with the madness.”

Following “Row Your Boat,” “Shadows,” and “Daylight,” “Punk” is the latest single off Yelawolf’s forthcoming third album, Trial By Fire. Up next, Catfish Billy — who is going by Yelawolf again after briefly changing his name to M.W.A — is heading out on his “5150 Tour,” starting Sept. 21 in Knoxville.