Tyga Teases Singing Album

  /  09.05.2017

R&B singers, watch out. Tyga is reportedly getting ready to try his hand at a singing album and he’s already teasing his newfound skill.

Taking to Instagram, T-Raww flexed his vocals while singing Usher’s “Nice & Slow” and Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be.” Afterwards, he coughed and said, “Shit, I can’t sing.”


But he’s not joking around. In fact, King Gold Chains then took to Twitter to claim that he was serious about this new endeavor. “Y’all think I’m playing,” he tweeted. “that singing album coming soon😄.”

Back on Instagram, Tyga showed off his vocals chops, which were aided by Auto-Tune. “I love it when you boss up, call the shots,” he sings. “When you tell me to come through, I pull up, hop out.”


This month, T-Raww is gearing up to promote his latest rap project, Bitch I’m the Shit 2, with his “Bitch I’m the Shit 2 Tour.” Featuring Chief Keef, RJ, and Honey Cocaine, the trek is set to run from Sept. 22 through Nov. 12.

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