Lil' Kim and Remy Ma

Lil’ Kim and Remy Ma Team Up for Collaboration

Queens recognize queens. Lil’ Kim and Remy Ma are joining forces for a new collaboration.

The Queen Bee took to Twitter to share a photo of her and Remy in the studio. “My partner frfr @RealRemyMa,” she wrote. “The amount of 🔥that was in this room was ridiculous!! Somebody call the fire marshals sheesh. We just made history.”

Remy also shared a photo from the lab, which seems to hint that the collaboration will appear on her upcoming sophomore album, 7 Winters, 6 Summers. “It’s coming,” she tweeted. “#Legendary #7Winters6Summers #PrettyBrown.”

On Instagram, she added: “This me all day around @lilkimthequeenbee 😆…had to literally get up and move away from her just to finish writing my verse cuz I was dying laughing💋Distressed jeans, sneakers, & flight jackets flow😎#RemyMa #RemyMafia #7W6S.”

Remy and Kim have been friends for quite some time and they also share a nemesis in Nicki Minaj. In February, the Queen Bee spoke on rumors of a joint diss track against their familiar foe.

“After hearing ‘shETHER,’ that shit is so hard,” she said. “Remy don’t need no damn help! Why would I need to come together for that? I mean, I’m into the music and I’m speaking musically wise — the song is just hard, period. Just like [Drake’s] ‘Back to Back’ was hard — just good hip-hop music. But I got nothing to do with that.”

Meanwhile, Remy has been working on 7 Winters, 6 Summers, her first solo album since 2006’s There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story.

In October 2016, she told Rap-Up that the album would focus on her time behind bars. “That was a big part of my life and I want to express that on my next project,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever in-depth sat down and talked about what I went through, emotionally, and physically. Some of the records that I want to put on there, I’m incorporating things I wrote while I was away.”

And don’t expect her to hold back. “I don’t want to water it down and I don’t want to hype it up for the sake of hype,” she told Rap-Up in June. “I just think that, a lot of times with artists, we get pressured sometimes to do certain songs. I pretty much have gone in there with an ‘I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck-About-Anything’ attitude. I love the way it’s coming together.”