Machine Gun Kelly

Video: Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Let You Go’

Machine Gun Kelly transports to 1964 in the smoke-filled video for “Let You Go.”

MGK opens the Ryan Hardy-directed visual in a green room full of greenery, smoking marijuana backstage at the fictionalized “Late Night Show with Dink Winkleman.”

Leaving a bag full of “Devil’s Lettuce” burning backstage, MGK and his band take the stage and a raucous party ensues. While singing, Kellz flashes back to a romantic encounter and looks at his die-hard fans with glee.

However, all of that fun comes to a halt when host Dink Winkleman is heard coughing up a lung after smoking some of Young Gunner’s weed. Eventually, a police officer breaks up the party, causing Kellz and his band to flee, leaving only Dink to get arrested.

“Let You Go” is the latest single off Machine Gun Kelly’s bloom, which also spawned “Trap Paris,” “The Gunner,” “At My Best,” and “Bad Things.” Up next, MGK will promote the album on “The 27 World Tour,” which is set to kick off Sept. 21 in Dublin.