Drake Calls LeBron James One of His 'Biggest Inspirations'

  /  09.25.2017

Drake and LeBron James join forces.

The longtime friends have teamed up to co-executive produce The Carter Effect, a Sean Menard-directed film about former Toronto Raptors star Vince Carter.

The duo sat down to discuss the forthcoming movie, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, with another former Raptors player, Chris Bosh, who was also James’ teammate during his tenure with the Miami Heat. Shot at Frings, the “Uninterrupted” conversation finds Drizzy opening up about his partnership and bond with LBJ.

“We’re brothers and friends, but you’re one of the biggest inspirations, period, in life,” the 6 God told King James. “I think for anybody that’s into dominating and being overwhelmingly incredible at what they do.”

Speaking of Vince, Drake said that Carter changed the way he viewed the city. “We all watched greatness,” he explained. “When you get to witness that, it’s pretty evident. For me, it was different, it was a time marker, because when Vince was poppin’ in the city, we had nightclubs that seemed larger than life.”

Carter also opened Drake’s eyes to possibilities, he said. “I don’t think any of us thought we could go that far at that time,” he added. “And the next thing you know, we got JAY-Z performing in like a parking lot for Rock the Caribana, which we had never heard about in our life, but they just created an event around our city because we just had excitement. We finally had something…When you give this city something, they’re going to make it into everything.”

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