Dennis Graham and Drake

Dennis Graham Gets Drake Tattoo

  /  09.30.2017

Drake is known for getting portraits of celebrities tattooed on his body, but now it’s his face that’s inked on his father’s arm.

Dennis Graham, Drizzy’s eccentric father who is a musician in his own right, recently unveiled a tattoo of his son on his right bicep. TMZ reports that the tat was done by Money Mike, who did it for free.

Dennis Graham Drake Tattoo

With this move, Dennis is returning the love, since Drake has his father’s mugshot tattooed on his arm. He also has portraits of Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, Sade, and Aaliyah tattooed on his body.

Dennis Graham Drake Tattoo

Dennis G, who recently appeared in a series of Virginia Black ads for his son, is now working on his new R&B album. Yesterday, he gave fans a taste of what they can expect.

“I am working hard over here and not going to stop,” he wrote. “one day I will get it right.”

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