Birdman Plans to Remove Face Tattoos

Birdman is done with his ink. The Cash Money boss, who’s donned face tattoos for decades, has decided to rid himself of all facial ink.

“Takin tattoos off my face,” he captioned a selfie on Instagram, adding hashtags: “#livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali.”

Takin tattoos off my face #livinlegend #lifestyle #RICHLIFE #Bryanwilliams #kali

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It’s unclear why Baby has decided to make the move. In the past, he’s been proud of the ink on his flesh. Last year, he spoke about the significance behind them with Inked Magazine.

“Some peoples’ tattoos don’t have meanings, but all of my tattoos have some significance,” he said. “I like my tattoos to have a meaning. Family and money—all of my tats are about family and money.”

During the interview, he even stressed the importance of looking beyond a person’s tattoos. “That tattoo is something you believe in—that’s why you do it,” he said. “Make sure to not let anything stop you from what you’re trying to achieve. You may have tattoos on you, but that don’t make you a different person. You just have to work harder and keep grinding.”

Earlier this week, Birdman lashed out at critics over his Lil Wayne feud, seemingly referencing Rick Ross. Renzel responded to the video with his own. “Boy, you a year late and five years late paying that man his money,” he said. “Pay that man his money, we know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes. Bring that shit. Bring it.”