Jessie J

Video: Jessie J – ‘Not My Ex’

Before dropping R.O.S.E., her first album since 2014’s Sweet Talker, Jessie J releases the confessional video for her latest single, “Not My Ex.”

Directed by Brian Ziff, the black-and-white visual starts with Jessie hitting the record button on a camera. From there, she sits in front of the lens and sings her heart out over the emotional track. She hugs herself, grips her hair, and then belts out the song’s moving lyrics with a passion.

Taking to Instagram, Jessie revealed how the visual came to be. “I pressed record and was in the room by myself,” she explained. “No editing. One straight take.”

“Not My Ex” follows the video for “Think About That.” Both singles are expected to appear on the autobiographical R.O.S.E., which represents Realizations, Obsessions, Sex, and Empowerment.

Before dropping the new album, Jessie is on a sold-out tour across the world, which is set to end Oct. 28 in San Francisco.