Drake Promises Free Concert at University of Kentucky

Drake vows to put on a free concert for the University of Kentucky this year.

The longtime Wildcats fan was on hand for the school’s annual Big Blue Madness event at Rupp Arena, where he asked Coach John Calipari to help make it happen.

“I ask one thing this year,” he said. “Coach, you have to make this happen for me…I just ask, before the school year is over, you allow me to come into this building and do a free show for all students. That’s all I ask.”

Coach Calipari praised Drake as a shining example for students. “If you want to emulate excellence and maintain humility, loyalty, emulate Drake,” he said. “If you want to emulate strong drive, embracing the biggest stage and the goodness of the compassionate heart, you emulate Drake.”

Drake has been a major supporter of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team. In 2014, he even warmed up with the squad. Earlier this year, also appeared on Coach Cal’s “Cal Cast” podcast.

The free concert date has not yet been announced.