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Sound Bites: Mack Wilds Reveals His Top 5 Dinner Guests

As the inaugural guest on Rap-Up’s new Sound Bites series, Mack Wilds was able to enjoy a feast at Sweet Chick, Los Angeles. In between sampling the restaurant’s famed fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, the AfterHours singer revealed the five people he would want at his dinner party.

Keeping things intriguing, Mack was able to choose from any person, dead or alive, and his answers didn’t disappoint. From deceased legends to his hero, a true live wire, Mack selected a compelling group of artists.

Watch below to find out who made his guest list.

Elsewhere during the interview, the Roc Nation star shared some insight into his next project, which is set to focus on love.

“I realized that love is a constant theme in my music,” he explained. “As an artist, I wanted to have an opportunity to shed light on the way that we all look at relationships, the way that we carry relationships, or the way that we carry love. Some people look at love as a feeling, some look at it more as a commodity or something that they need to have. I just want to touch on the differences between those two with this next project.”

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