Young Thug

Video: Young Thug feat. Millie Go Lightly – ‘Family Don’t Matter’

Yeehaw! Young Thug saddles up in the video for “Family Don’t Matter” featuring Millie Go Lightly.

The country-inspired single off Beautiful Thugger Girls has a Swinsky-directed video to match, taking place inside of a stable, where Thugger tends to his horses. At night, the rapper heads out on a horse and carriage ride to dinner, where Millie and her band perform.

Back in June, Millie revealed how the track came together after she wrote her own song to the Wheezy beat. “So we basically ended up splitting the song down the middle. He’s got half and I have half,” she told Complex. “Then he wrote parts that he wanted me to sing. It was weird, because he had me in mind for that song anyway to sing the hook. So when he found out I had written a song to it, he allowed me to put my verses on it too, which was so nice of him. He didn’t have to do that.”

“Family Don’t Matter” is the opening song off BTG, which dropped back in June. Since then, Thugger has dropped a slew of collaborations and even released Young Martha, his joint EP with Carnage.