Chris Brown Says He 'Stiffened Up' Around Jennifer Lopez

  /  10.24.2017

Breezy shoots his shot with J.Lo.

After speaking with Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” about his upcoming double album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, Chris Brown stopped by Power 105’s Angie Martinez for a candid conversation, where he opened up about his love for his collaborator Jennifer Lopez.

Speaking of the TIDAL X: Brooklyn concert, where he performed on the bill alongside J.Lo and JAY-Z, Breezy shared his appreciation for the “On the Floor” singer.

“J.Lo bad, man,” he said. “I’m just letting her know, look, I might have stiffened up a little bit when I was back at the little show, because there was a lot of people back there and I was nervous. My palms were sweaty. I said hi. But I like you and I want you.”

When reminded of Lopez’s relationship with former Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez, Brown offered an apology. “Oh, you know what, playboy?” he said. “My bad.” But, he didn’t stop sharing his devotion for the singer-actress. “She can get it anytime,” he added. “70 years old, I don’t even care. All the way.”

Brown said that his gratitude for Lopez grew even more after she participated in his documentary, Welcome to My Life. “I had a lot more appreciation for her because you could have been like, ‘Nah, I’m busy right now.’ What she said was from the heart. So, I respect her a lot more.”

Later in the interview, Brown also spoke about why he would turn down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl. “Colin Kaepernick is like my brother,” he said. “I’m gonna ride with him. I don’t get into politics because you already know it’s bullshit. It’s worse than ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ For Congress and whoever that can really impeach people that are really fucking up this country, for them not to do anything, then you know they’re agreeing with it. So the politics behind that, I probably would just say no because they’re not fucking with Kaepernick. I’d tell them no.”

Yesterday, Justin Timberlake confirmed his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance, which will take place 14 years after his controversial “Nipplegate” moment with Janet Jackson.

Tomorrow, Breezy is set to host a pop-up show at a secret New York location in anticipation of his 45-song double album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which is set to drop on Halloween.


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