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Chris Brown Talks Rihanna, 'Heartbreak on a Full Moon,' & 800 New Songs

  /  10.24.2017

A week before its release, Chris Brown is opening up about his forthcoming album Heartbreak on a Full Moon and a bevy of new material that is sure to follow.

Taking to Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning,” Breezy explained how he approached the 45-song double album. “With this album, I wanted to capture all bases of who my audience like and what songs they can actually identify with,” he said. “More R&B, all my girl fans love it, you gon’ have it. More pop, you gon’ have it. But it’s still gonna be my essence.”

To promote the LP, Brown and TIDAL will be hosting a free pop-up concert for lucky fans at a secret location on Wednesday (Oct. 25). “We’re gonna do a 30-40 minute show, have fun, and just tell the fans you appreciate them,” he said.

Although Heartbreak will drop on Halloween, Brown is already working on new material. In fact, he revealed that he has plenty of unreleased songs ready to go. “In my phone alone, right now, I have like 800 songs that nobody’s heard,” he added. “Not bragging. It’s just that my work ethic only allows me to stay creative.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the “Party” singer talked about Rihanna, his daughter Royalty, and his new approach on controversial stories. He also addressed “Pills & Automobiles” critics and his work with Dave East. Read additional quotes below.

On Whether He Spoke With Rihanna Before Welcome To My Life: “That’s irrelevant at this point. The movie’s out.”

On Royalty: “With my daughter, I really don’t care about my problems that I go through, if she’s around. The responsibility is to take care of her needs. It kind of shifts. When I do have reality time to reflect by myself, I’m able to internalize it a lot different than me spazzing.”

On Profanity: “I don’t even say nothing around her because I don’t want her to [say], ‘Ooh, he said a bad word!’ Nope. I ain’t say nothing. She knows what [bad words] are, but she won’t say them.”

On ‘Pills & Automobiles’ Critics: “They only care ’cause it’s me. If it was ‘Molly Percocet,’ everybody’s turning up and OD’ing at the same time…The record is about fun, exactly what you see in the video, pool parties, that summer vibe. That’s a terminology that we use, that slang. So, I just felt like with that record, it was kinda like fun. It was urgent. It was just something to do and have fun.”

On Public Relationships: “I’m done allowing you to see what I don’t want you to see. I feel like I owe it to my fans to work on my album or even say, ‘I’ma put 45 songs on my album.’ Or put out whatever for free. It works in a circle. They’re the consumer. They make you who you are.”

On Dave East: “Dave East came in the studio right when I did that little part of ‘Perfect.’ I had just got in the studio for like 15-20 minutes. He said, ‘What’s that?’ I said, ‘Nothing. I’m just writing.’ Gave it to him, he made it a single. I’m grateful for it.”

On Controversies: “I had to control myself…Blogs and people are gonna say stuff but if I act on it, if I say something, that means it affected me…For me, if I don’t put myself in a situation or present myself as such, I don’t have to deal with it. Anything else will just be bullshit.”


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