Stream The Lox’s ‘#4NoReAsOn’ EP

The Lox is back with a gift for fans in the form of the 4-track EP, #4NoReAsOn.

Featuring appearances by Derez Deshon (“Gangsta Party”) and L-Biz (“Re-Up”), the project is a celebration of the trio’s longevity and streetwise rhymes. “Street shit,” raps Jadakiss on the opener “Break It Down. “We the blueprint for the cement.”

The bash continues on “Gangsta Party,” where Styles reveals how the crew gets down. “Headed to the gangsta party, think we need stuntin’,” he brags. “‘Bout to blow a half a pound like weed ain’t nothin’ / If we there, so is the money and we ain’t frontin’.”

Elsewhere, the guys get to work on “Let’s Work,” where they rhyme about their money-making ways. “Get money and stay quiet,” raps Sheek. “Do your dirt all by your lonely and let’s work.”

To close out the project, Styles P, ‘Kiss, and Sheek deliver “Re-Up,” a triumphant track about their continued success. “We ain’t down no more, we up, ni**a,” rhymes ‘Kiss. “Quickest way to the top, re-up, ni**a.”

The TIDAL exclusive arrives with little warning. It was accompanied by a video that features a black-and-white scene from To Kill a Mockingbird: “There’s a black man dead for no reason,” says the character Heck Tate. Styles celebrated the release by exclaiming, “The boys are back in town!!!!!”

#4NoReAsOn follows last year’s Filthy America…It’s Beautiful, the group’s first album since 2000’s We Are the Streets.

At the time, Holiday Styles said that the hiatus was a result of business decisions. “We are musicians and business men,” he explained. “We needed to get into a place where we could own our masters.”

Stream #4NoReAsOn below.