Dat Side

New Music: CyHi the Prynce feat. Kanye West – ‘Dat Side’

G.O.O.D. Music is in the building. Kanye West joins his frequent collaborator CyHi the Prynce on his newest single, “Dat Side.”

The piano-laden track finds CyHi rapping about sex, Atlanta, and drug dealing. “All the haters, stand on that side,” he raps. “All the suckers, stand on that side / All the lames, stand on that side.”

Shortly following his longtime partner-in-rhyme, Yeezy pops up for a verse about his own haters. “All the haters hating, wait a minute, stand on that side,” he rhymes. “Moved into a neighborhood where I’m the only black guy / People claim they praying for you / Really, they be preying on you.”

“Dat Side” is presumed to be a single off CyHi’s upcoming album, No Dope On Sundays. Recently, The Prynce confirmed that the project was done. “I already turned my album in FYI you will be hearing it shortly,” he tweeted.

There could be more to come from Yeezy and Cy. Back in May, The Prynce also teased a Christmas release for G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Winter compilation.

Get on “Dat Side” below.