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Nicki Minaj Addresses Cardi B 'MotorSport' Conspiracy Theories

  /  11.01.2017

Nicki Minaj is putting the conspiracy theories to rest.

Taking to Twitter, the Young Money queen addressed comments made by Joe Budden on his “Everyday Struggle” program regarding Migos’ “MotorSport” single, which also features Cardi B.

“I was on the song w/Quavo. No one else was on it. He called & asked if I think we should put Bardi on it, I said ‘ok let’s do it’. The end,” she tweeted. “Migos weren’t even on it yet. Just Quavo. The conspiracy theories r just so tired. Relax. Breathe. Imagine me not knowing who on a song w/me. Anything w/my name on it gets approved by me. It can’t even go on a streaming service w/o me hearing it & giving written approval.”

She continued, seemingly directing her response to Budden. “These are men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go,” she added. “They don’t do this to male M.C.’s. But yo #Motorsport #1 added on urban radio.”

Prior to this, Budden shared a “conspiracy” theory about “MotorSport.” He claimed to believe that Nicki’s cameo was suggested by Kanye West and that Offset revealing the news to Cardi is what led to their recent breakup. “I don’t think Cardi handled that information well,” he said. “The only way to fix that is how? A fucking Cardi verse.”

Budden, who’s feuded with Minaj in the past, went on to explain how his theory is supported by the song’s mix and its lyrics. He added: “That Cardi verse is mixed different, it flows different, and, if I’m subscribing to this theory, it’s in direct response to Nicki’s verse.”

The theory continued from there, with Budden claiming that Nicki did not address the song once it was released because she was not pleased with Cardi’s appearance. Co-host DJ Akademiks claimed he heard, behind-the-scenes, that she was also upset by the finished product. Budden went on to insinuate that the song might have influenced Offset’s proposal. “What fixes it if Cardi B is still feeling a way from my boyfriend putting my nemesis on his single?” Budden asked, before the conversation shifted.

The saga may continue. Following Nicki’s statements, Budden tweeted: “Tomorrow will be fun.”

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