New York Magazine/Hassan Hajjaj

Cardi B Covers New York Magazine: Talks Wedding, Critics, & Copycats

Cardi B captures another cover. After stunning on Rolling Stone, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is New York Magazine’s November cover star.

Dressed in pink with a green backdrop on the Hassan Hajjaj-shot cover, the Bronx rapper opens up about a variety of topics, including uncertainty.

“They keep saying, like, ‘You got this,’ ‘You’re the one,'” she said. “Sometimes I get a little discouraged, and I wonder how it is going to be next year, but it seems like everybody already predicting where I’m gonna be next year, and it’s just like fucking farther than my asshole.”

Cardi B Covers New York Magazine

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Cardi B Covers New York Magazine


Cardi also reflects on the expectations that come with fame before dropping her debut album. “You be seeing these artists going through their meltdowns and fucking shit, and you be like, Why you doing all of that? You’re famous, you’re a fucking millionaire, why? Bitch, I’m broke, I want to shave my head,” she added. “Then when you in those shoes, it’s just like, I see why people go crazy. This shit is not what it fucking seems. But I can’t complain.”

Without holding back, Cardi even addresses her upcoming wedding to Offset. “The world is not ready for it,” she said. “Everybody got to be wearing red. And my bridesmaids are gonna be wearing suits, what’s good.”

Regarding the engagement, she added: “The way I wanted to celebrate was just get real drunk and make love, and we haven’t even had sex after I got my ring!”

Read additional quotes from the interview below.

On Meeting J.Lo & Beyoncé: “I just kept acting like a fucking weirdo, but I think [J.Lo] understands. Man, I met Beyoncé, too. Who else I gonna meet? Jesus?”

On “Bodak Yellow”: “It makes you feel like a bad bitch. It gives you this self-esteem. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the prettiest, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m on top, and when I hear ‘Bodak Yellow’ again, I’m like, ‘Yeah! I’m that bitch!'”

On Critics: “I hate that people are trying to make excuses as to why it went No. 1. You know why? Because every time you hear it, your pussy pops. Your dick, it get up. Stop trying to discredit it.”

On Copycats: “A lot of bitches just think like, Oh, if she can do it, you can do it too. Nope. It’s not even about followers. It’s just a personality. You can’t even suck dick like I do. I am Cardi, sis.”

On Expectations: “Music never felt like a job. Now it’s just like people waiting to see if I fail. I just want to be an artist, I don’t want to be no fucking queen. I wanna hear myself everywhere. I would do fucking elevator music.”

On Children: “I’ll do something that brings me a check. The faster I make a lot of money, the faster I can have these kids I want.”