Fetty Wap

Video: Fetty Wap feat. Monty – ‘There She Go’

Fetty Wap and Monty team up once again. This time, the Remy Boyz join forces in the video for their collaboration “There She Go.”

The clip is a fashion show, featuring a dapper Fetty and Monty in a studio where lights flash all around them, while they stand on top of a red carpet circle.

Fetty and Monty rhyme together and pose for photos before they’re joined by a gorgeous model. She shows up beside the Remy Boyz for a scantily-clad photo shoot and eventually jumps and writhes around on a bed after getting naked.

“Baby, welcome to the money,” raps King Zoo. “It’s time to spend it very wisely / You shine brighter than the sun, baby / I love it when I get beside ya / Hold it down, make it feel good / Don’t let nobody else inside ya.”

“There She Go” is Fetty’s latest buzz single. This year, the “Trap Queen” star has also released Lucky No. 7 and For My Fans II in anticipation of his 2018 sophomore album King Zoo.