Dave East

Video: Dave East – ‘Legendary’

Dave East takes fans on a trip through a New York block at night in the “Legendary” video off his November mixtape, Karma.

Standing at the foot of a project building on a cold winter night, a bundled up East rhymes about life and karma in a black bubble jacket, denim, and Timbs.

“Karma,” he raps. “What goes around comes around / I hope you got some armor / Got yo’ bitch in Benihana / She tryna change me like Obama.”

While the Harlem spitter sips champagne, cops show up and flash their lights. It doesn’t seem to matter to Dave, who keeps on flowing with his friends behind him.

In August, East dropped his mixtape Paranoia: A True Story, and he is now prepping the sequel, Paranoia 2, for Jan. 16.