A$AP Yams

Yams Day Ends in Violence

Yams Day, which was supposed to be a celebration of the late A$AP Yams, ended in chaos after violence broke out at the New York Expo Center in the Bronx on Thursday (Jan. 18).

Approximately two hours into the show, while A$AP Rocky was on stage, a fight broke out somewhere in the venue, according to the New York Daily News. This resulted in a stampede and the cancelation of the show, according to witnesses.

Anthony Bell, a 23-year-old concertgoer from Brooklyn, described the scene. “It was super packed and we couldn’t tell what was happening,” he explained. “You could hear there was a fight, and it definitely sounded like there were gunshots.”

“Everybody started running, and then it calmed down and there was a little pause,” he added. “But then you could hear chairs being thrown again and I heard that gunshot sound again, so I was headed for the door.”

It’s unclear how many altercations broke out, but footage started spreading on social media shortly after the event was canceled. A few clips show several men involved in confrontations. Another video features Rocky escaping a stampede and what looks like smoke or dust. The NY Daily News reported “combatants brawling” with “bats and long pieces of wood or metal.”