Joey Bada$$ Says Rap Is in a 'Very Trash State'

  /  01.24.2018

Joey Bada$$ isn’t happy with hip-hop. Taking to Twitter with his frustrations, the Pro Era MC voiced his displeasure with the genre, saying that he believes the culture is in a “very trash state,” despite acknowledging exceptions.

“Rap is in a very trash state rn with very few exceptions that don’t even get the love and attention that they deserve,” he tweeted. “Like where’s y’all ni**as souls at???”

He continued with his Twitter rant, bashing musicians who are oversaturating the market. “Music is the most influential force in the world,” he said. “Pay attention to what’s being oversaturated. It says something about the generation. Sound is vibration.” Finally, he added that he was going to make a “trap record.”

This isn’t the first time that Joey has been disappointed with this generation. After dropping last year’s All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, he bashed the era’s attention span. “I hate the attention span of this new generation. 2 weeks and music is already old to y’all?” he tweeted. “Not talking about my shit, I’m more speaking in general. My shit str8 timeless. Every album I drop is 2 years ahead of its time anyway LOL.”

The latest tirade comes on the heels of a major announcement from Joey. Over the weekend, he and XXXTentacion confirmed that they would be teaming up on a joint project soon, though a release date has not been revealed. The two artists have a few things in common, including a mutual belief that they are better than Tupac Shakur.

Bada$$ is also coming off a performance on Triple J’s “Like a Version,” where he performed his take on Prince and the Revolution’s “When Doves Cry,” remixed as “When Thugs Cry.”


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