Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Watch Will Smith Hilariously Recreate Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Video

Will Smith is an iconic dad.

The multitalented rapper-turned-actor celebrated his son Jaden’s 100 million streams of “Icon” by remaking the song’s video in hilarious fashion.

Rocking gold fronts, a rope chain, distressed denim jacket, and short shorts, Big Willie re-enacted scenes from the visual, complete with its neon pink sky in the background.

“Icon” is a single off Jaden’s debut album SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion, which dropped in November. He is now working on the follow-up, ERYS.

Meanwhile, Will Smith is becoming a social media wizard. After launching his Instagram account in December, he’s already amassed 7.5 million followers. He also recently launched a YouTube blogging channel, which has garnered more than 3 million views in nearly two months.