Joyner Lucas Disses Logic on 'Look Alive' Remix

  /  03.06.2018

Joyner Lucas is taking aim at Logic once again on his remix to BlocBoy JB and Drake’s “Look Alive.”

The quick-paced MC appears to slight his Maryland counterpart with references to the latter’s “44 More,” and his latest album, Everybody.

“44 shots, traumatizin’ from the 45,” he raps. “Hit 44 more carbon copies and you kamikazes / That’s for everybody.”

Not only does the song reference two of Logic’s latest works, but it also comes on the heels of criticism. In December, Lucas mocked the Maryland rapper’s constant rhymes about race on “Everyday Struggle.”

“I think he can rap but I feel like he tries to prove that he’s black too much for me,” he said. “…It just seems like all his bars are just like, every other bar, every other song is ‘I’m black. Oh, I’m half-black and half-white.’ That’s cool, that’s who you are, but it’s just too repetitive for me.”

He went on to claim he doesn’t “hate” Logic, but that their disagreement dates back to 2016, when they both appeared on Tech N9ne’s “Sriracha.” Upon hearing the verse, Lucas said he “could just tell” that Logic “wasn’t too happy” about him being on the same song. At the time, he also claimed that Logic seemed to copy his idea about a “suicide song” for “1-800-273-8255” off his own “I’m Sorry (508)-507-2209.”

“Sriracha” was also the basis of Joyner’s diss to Logic on “Mask Off (Remix).” “Don’t you compare me to Logic, never / Go listen to ‘Sriracha’ / Yeah, that’s Amanda to Ronda / And that’s a Benz to a Honda.”


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