Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Designs Dream Home With Architectural Digest

Blac Chyna dreams big. After defending herself in the stroller squabble saga, the model-turned-rapper opens up about her dream home in a special video for Architectural Digest.

Speaking with architect Michael Lehrer of Lehrer Architects, the pink-haired model reveals some of her must-haves, some of which were inspired by 50 Shades of Grey and Richie Rich.

Chyna requests an all-glass house but says everything needs to be made out of marble. Her hustler’s spirit shows when she asks for a storage warehouse for products, a recording studio for new music, and money room with a vault.

Aside from a 10-car garage, Chyna also makes other requests including an infinity pool, an all-white room, and a secret sex dungeon with private access. To top everything off, she wants her name spelled out in a topiary garden.

Lehrer shows Blac Chyna some designs of what her home could look like. He suggests an oceanfront property for ideal views of the sea. He also prepared 3-D models to bring those ideas to life. Watch the planning session unfold below.