Logic Says He Has ‘Several Albums Finished’

Logic is fully loaded. After dropping last year’s Everybody and this year’s Bobby Tarantino II, the Maryland rapper says he has multiple albums finished and ready for release.

During an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106, he revealed the news. “I have several albums that are finished,” he explained. “100 percent, but that’s not some wack-ass rapper flex. The reason I have all that done in advance is because of the films and novels that I’m doing, and the TV show and all the stuff I’m starring in, writing in, and production company, and the record label, and the artists I have signed. I want to make sure everything gets its proper time.”

Last month, Logic opened up about his next project. “I went to Maui and set up to work on some music there that’s not out yet,” he told Beats 1. “I’ve got a lot of music. From Maui, I went to Tokyo…I always wanted to go there…It was all live instrumentation…James Brown meets the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers. Crazy. Super dope vibe. Travis Barker on the drums…Crazy.”

Logic originally planned to self-fund his own comedy. Now, a major Hollywood player will reportedly back it. Meanwhile, his novel will be “a work of fiction” based on his life called Supermarket, according to the Beats 1 interview. Aside from this, he is set to appear alongside Eminem on Royce da 5’9″‘s “Caterpillar (Remix),” which he calls the “hardest hip-hop feature I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

In June, Logic will also kick off his “Bobby Tarantino Vs. Everybody Tour.” Featuring Kyle and NF, the trek will run from June 8 in Boston through Aug. 3 in St. Louis.