New Music: Belly feat. The Weeknd – ‘What You Want’

Belly and The Weeknd have “What You Want.” The XO affiliates team up once again on Belly’s new single.

The Weeknd kicks things off, singing about a girl names Mercedes (“Used to love it when she Benz”), while Belly raps about his chick from the projects (“Never went to college, she got collagen in her body / You don’t need that type of knowledge when you pretty and polished”).

They join together on the hook: “I will never be what you need / But I got what you want / You just wanna spend my cash and smoke my weed / I got what you want.”

Earlier this week, Belly shared a snippet of the video on Instagram. “It was the most fun I ever had shooting a video,” the Mumble Rap star told Billboard. “Me and Abel always have amazing chemistry when we work, but this one takes the cake.”

In related news, The Weeknd, along with creative partners La Mar Taylor and Ahmed Ismail, have launched HXOUSE, a creative agency and incubator space, which provides young creatives with the tools and funds to activate their talents.