KTLA XXXTentacion Memorial

XXXTentacion Memorial Shut Down After Crowd Gets Unruly

A Los Angeles memorial for XXXTentacion on Tuesday night (June 19) turned unruly as fans gathered in the streets of West Hollywood to remember the late rapper.

According to the Los Angeles Times, up to 1,000 people gathered at Melrose and Spaulding avenues. Some jumped off rooftops and others formed a mosh pit. Multiple people piled on top of a vehicle and rode it down the street, obstructing traffic.

According to Hollywood Scanner (via Variety), the crowd became “increasingly aggressive,” jumping on top of a news van, swarming vehicles, and throwing things at police. Some attendees held a candlelight vigil in the middle of the street, while others set off fireworks.

The flash mob, which was publicized on social media, was eventually shut down by law enforcement. Around 9 p.m., police officers in tactical gear formed a line along a crosswalk and used tear gas to disperse the crowd. One officer was struck by a rock.

“They did shoot something into the crowd, probably bean bags,” said Los Angeles Police Officer Tony Im.

By 10:15 p.m., most of the crowd had dispersed. No arrests were made, but an ambulance was called to treat a 20-year-old person with head injuries.

The impromptu memorial was held to honor XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed in an apparent robbery in Deerfield Beach, South Florida, on Monday (June 18). He was 20 years old.