Watch Kendrick Lamar Make His Acting Debut on ‘Power’

Kendrick Lamar is taking over your television.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper makes his acting debut on Starz’ hit drama series “Power,” which is now available to stream online. In the episode, entitled “Happy Birthday,” Lamar takes on the role of a drug addict named Laces, and ends up stealing the show.

During his brief cameos, the disheveled Laces tries to sell 50 Cent’s character Kanan some stolen gift cards. He also later runs into Kanan, who gives him a gun to sell for money.

During the Television Critics Association press tour, “Power” showrunner Courtney Kemp revealed how the Kendrick cameo came about. “What happened was [50 Cent] was like, ‘Kendrick had mentioned he wanted to be on the show,'” said Kemp. “And then I got on the phone with Kendrick and said, ‘What do you want to play?’ ‘Cause that’s my favorite thing to ask an actor. ‘What do you want to do that you’ve never done before?’ That’s my favorite question. And then he said, ‘You know, I’d like to play’ — well, he didn’t say ‘drug addict,’ but he used a different word [laughs]. But so then we created the character Laces.”

When asked if fans will get to see more of Kendrick on the show, Kemp responded, “I can’t tell you that before the episode airs! Why would I tell you that?”

The full episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. and is now available to stream via the Starz app.