50 Cent

50 Cent Responds After Taking Back Cash at Strip Club

50 Cent gets the money…and keeps it.

During a recent visit to Angels Strip Club in New York, the G-Unit mogul was seen scooping up piles of cash from the floor as a stripper danced on stage. The moment was caught on camera and shared online, prompting backlash.

In response, 50 took to social media to address the criticism. “The way I see it Club Angels owe me money,” he said, while joking about the incident. “Shorty was made about something. She said some shit I said what wrong with her? Then I just said fuck it I’m taking the money back.”

He also called out the club for “bad customer service,” adding, “I’m gonna need a refund.”


50 Cent

But while it looked he was taking money away from the dancers, 50 was just redistributing the wealth. “He took the money from the strippers’ dance floor and moved it to the bartenders because the dancers were trying to fight the bartenders over him,” an onlooker told Page Six.

Next up, 50 is readying a collaboration with 6ix9ine called “Get the Strap,” which is set to premiere on Episode 8 of “Power.”