Nicki Minaj and Ellen

Nicki Minaj Dishes on ‘New Boy’ on ‘Ellen’

Does Nicki Minaj have a new man in her life? The Queen opened up about her love life during her appearance on the season premiere of “Ellen.”

She started off by addressing her previous relationships with Nas and Meek Mill. “I was in a relationship with Meek for a while, and it was a very toxic something, but we had some good times and we ended that,” she said, adding that she’s never been in a relationship with Drake.

Then Ellen asked her about “new boy.” “There’s a new boy, but he and I have kinda fell back a little bit,” she said before laughing. “And then there’s like a newer [boy].”

Nicki described the relationship as “fairly new,” adding, “He’s been around for a couple weeks now.”

But she’s not committed to any relationship. “I don’t have a boy. I’m just chilling. I’ve always been in a relationship my whole life. I was in a relationship since I was 15 years old. It’s the first time that I’m single and I’m happier, I’m more free,” she said. “My whole adult life, I used to feel like I had to have a man and I want every woman out here to know, you absolutely don’t.”

Ellen responded with some comedic banter. “Amen sister. I want women to know also, you don’t need a man.”

The full interview will air during Ellen’s Season 16 premiere on Tuesday (Sept. 4).