Kehlani and Dounia

Kehlani and Dounia Team Up in ‘Rich Girl Mood’ Video

Kehlani is readying a mixtape and expecting a baby. While fans awaits her new deliveries, the mom-to-be teams up with social media star-turned-singer Dounia on a new collaboration called “Rich Girl Mood” off the latter’s new album The Avant-Garden.

In the video for their bossy anthem, the ladies break into a clothing boutique. While the cops try to track them down, they don’t seem worried at all. The security camera footage, dubbed the “Rich Girl Camera,” shows the glamorous partners-in-crime sipping champagne and flaunting stacks of cash while ladies twerk in front of them.

“I’m biflexual, debit or credit,” sings Kehlani before eventually taking off with Dounia in a convertible.

Kehlani is now planning to release a mixtape, which she described as “more grown” and “honest.” “I’m not making no more pop songs on you hoes. I’m over it,” she told fans.