Meek Mill

Watch Meek Mill Freestyle Over Drake’s ‘Back to Back’

With his new album Championships out now, Meek Mill celebrated with a return visit to Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97.

Taking a puff from a blunt, the Dreamchasers MC launched into beast mode and delivered a freestyle over beats including Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces” and even Drake’s diss “Back to Back.” “I always wanted a piece of this. I felt like you got over on me on this,” said Meek. “I had to get my shit, pop my shit.”

After squashing their beef and reuniting onstage, Drake and Meek collaborated on “Going Bad” off Championships. And it’s not just a front. “That’s my guy. Me and him kicking it every night,” said Meek. “We pouring out confessions, letting ni**as know.”

Their renewed friendship also inspired Flex, who’s had his own issues with Drake, to apologize. “Drake, I apologize,” said Flex, who asked Meek to help them reconnect.

During his freestyle session, he also shared some advice for his young fans. “Don’t believe these rappers selling no drugs. We gettin’ good money,” he said. “Get you some little bit of money, come up from the bottom, do what you do, flip it or something, get you a business, take care of your family, go to school, do what you do.”

Meek and Flex have history. Meek premiered his Drake diss “Wanna Know” on Hot 97 in July 2015.