Chris Brown


New Music: Chris Brown - 'Who Dis'

  /  01.26.2019

Chris Brown has had a rough week, and Team Breezy has stuck by his side through it all.

To thank them for their unwavering support, he drops his long-awaited track “Who Dis,” which finds him in a predicament when his girl discovers he’s cheating. “She be like, ‘Who dis bitch all up in my house?'” he asks. “Why she hidin’ behind the couch?”

Breezy boasts about his player ways (“Can’t even play like I’m innocent / Every night I fuck a different bitch”) before coming to a realization: “I should’ve known better / Gon’ teach me a lesson.”

“Who Dis” follows “Undecided,” the lead single off his upcoming album Indigo. He also recently shot a dance-centric video for “Back 2 Love” following his arrest in Paris earlier this week.

Brown has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who accused him of rape and is also once again selling T-shirts inspired by the incident. The tees feature the phrase “This Bitch Lyin'” and are available for $38 on his Black Pyramid Clothing website.

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