Soulja Boy and Drake

Soulja Boy and Drake Squash Beef

Soulja Boy and Drake are back on good terms.

After calling Drizzy out during his “Breakfast Club” interview, Soulja paid a visit to Drake’s OVO store in Los Angeles. He shared video from his shopping spree, where he intended to purchase everything in the shop.

After being tagged in the video, Drake responded to Soulja on Instagram DM. During their exchange, which Soulja later shared publicly, Drake seemingly held no hard feelings. “Hahahahha I hope they laced you up,” he responded after seeing Soulja’s purchases.

Drake went on to address Soulja’s issues with him, including the fact that they never shot a video for their 2013 collaboration “We Made It.” “Why we ain’t shoot the video?” Soulja told XXL last month. “Why this ni**a ain’t bring me on tour to perform it one time, but he was performing my record on tour the whole time? Just little slick shit like that.”

But Drake downplayed any bad blood. “You know it’s always been love all jokes aside,” he told Soulja. “I dunno if you was serious about the video thing but I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it you know I would have done that shit…but on some real shit…Draaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?! kill that show.”

During his “Breakfast Club” interview, Soulja also blasted Drake for copying his “What’s Hannenin” flow on his 2010 track “Miss Me.” “Stop playin’ me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know,” he said. “He copied my whole fucking flow, word for word, bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake. Don’t do that.”