Turn on My Brain

Video: Shiadanni - 'Turn on My Brain'

  /  05.03.2019

Montreal-based, Mexican singer-songwriter Shiadanni premieres the video for her new single “Turn on My Brain,” which is already racking up streams since its release last month.

The mysteriously airy piece of baroque cinema layers a lusty medieval mansion over footage of Shiadanni and her man having dinner like nobility. It perfectly represents the journey taken by the singer while recording the song, and strikingly captures the beauty and devastation emanating from the music.

A gloriously endearing R&B-pop hallucination, “Turn on My Brain” proves Shiadanni’s staggering levels of creativity, and gives viewers a glimpse of her ecstatic sensibility. The sheer audacity of using a human brain as the dinner scene’s main dish, with all the metaphors it entails, manages to be both dazzling and moving. Listening to Shiadanni’s music is a magical experience, as she uses her immaculate voice in such a subtle and soothing way that a musical chemistry occurs instantaneously.

More than being dark, the four-minute visual poem captures Shiadanni’s most intimate visions, simultaneously intriguing and sad, depicting lives lived, and leaving viewers deeply moved. Shiadanni has begun to amplify her eclectic sound in the pop realm, and is sure to gain even more fans with her unparalleled style.

You can keep up with Shiadanni by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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