ScHoolboy Q Talks Mac Miller’s Death, New Daughter, & Sobriety

ScHoolboy Q is opening up like never before.

While promoting his new album CrasH Talk, the TDE rapper got candid about everything from the loss of Mac Miller to the birth of his second daughter during an in-depth conversation with Lenard “CTHaGod” McKelvey aka Charlamagne tha God.

For the first time, Q revealed that he welcomed a baby girl on Jan. 4. “I want all girls,” he said. “Ain’t nothing like a little girl. Since a kid, I just wanted all girls. Not on some weirdo shit, but I just love little girls.”

Q, who also has a 9-year-old daughter named Joy, is looking to grow his family even more and would like a third daughter. “I just like cute little girls. They’re just precious. I just always wanted little girls and I’m getting blessed with it.”

When it comes to his daughters, Q is leading by example. “When you have a daughter, you really gotta go home every day,” he said. “You gotta set the example of what type of man she needs to get. My daughter need a ni**a like me. I’m not taking nothing less.”

He also got emotional while discussing the death of his friend Mac Miller. While he has shied away from speaking about Mac on social media and in interviews, Q broke down in tears during the interview.

“Yeah, that Mac shit. To this day, I don’t understand how I can’t call my ni**a no more,” he said. “Losing a friend to gang-banging is way different than losing a friend that’s an innocent little kid that’s super pure.”

He recalled their last conversation on FaceTime while he was in the studio. “I played him CrasH Talk before he passed,” he said.

He delayed the album, which was originally due in November, because he was grieving his death. “Man, that’s my ni**a. I got memories with that ni**a, bruh. I can never write a song…” he said before walking away as he wiped away tears.

During the nearly 40-minute conversation, Q also spoke about staying sober and his decision to quit drugs. “I woke up one day, bruh. I was 250 pounds,” he said. “I was drinking so much lean, I was on so many pills. How am I still here, fool?”

CrasH Talk debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 with 81,000 equivalent album units. While Q admits sales aren’t everything, he does like to see the fruits of his labor. “I work hard, my ni**a. I sacrifice a lot. I want to see my shit go No. 1. I deserve it.”