Kanye West

Watch Kanye West Give David Letterman a Yeezy Makeover

Kanye West opens up about his mother, politics, and Drake during his interview with David Letterman for Season 2 of his Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

During the hour-long episode, which airs May 31, Kanye also invites Letterman to his Hidden Hills house for a style makeover. The 72-year-old talk show legend shows off his Yeezy drip in a brown coat, beige pants, and black military boots.

“That’s fire. You look like an artist,” Kanye says after Letterman asks for his opinion. “It’s like when I used to work at the Gap, bro.”

Letterman then models his new look for Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, who offer their glowing approval. “You’re a new man,” says Jenner, while Kim adds, “You look really good.”

But Letterman himself seems most happy with his fit. “I feel really good and this is stuff, even if I was not doing this, and somebody could drive me to the mall, I’d buy this,” he says. “I like the colors, I like the fit, I love the shoes. And so there you go.”

Kim asks Kanye if he will give him the clothing, while Letterman insists he will pay for it. “We’re not just here to get an outfit,” he laughs.

The full episode with Kanye starts streaming Friday on Netflix.