50 Cent and Rotimi

50 Cent Demands $300,000 from Rotimi

50 Cent is back at it.

After demanding payment from Teairra Mari, Randall Emmett, and Jackie Long, the 43-year-old rap mogul has now set his sights on Rotimi. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday morning (May 29), 50 called out his “Power” co-star, claiming he owes him an “outstanding balance of $300,000.”

50 shared photos and video of Rotimi, demanding that he pay him back. “man fuck all that I want my money by Monday. Cash ni**a where the bag at,” he wrote in one post, while adding, “I want to punch this ni**a nose.”

That prompted Rotimi to respond, saying he “doesn’t owe 50 money” and that his recent success may have inspired 50’s demands.

“The thing is, my record No. 1, I just bought a crib, I’m taking care of my family,” he said. “Why now? Why wait ’til Walk With Me is No. 1 on the R&B charts? … I don’t owe you brick.”

50 Cent clapped back, adding his own commentary to Rotimi’s video. “You do owe me money! You independent now,” he said. “That’s right, you owe me $300,000. You No. 1, now you could pay me my money.”

Rotimi was previously signed to 50’s G-Unit Records, but now has a deal with EMPIRE, where he released his latest EP Walk With Me on Friday (May 24).

“You with Ghazi now,” 50 said referring to EMPIRE founder Ghazi Shami. “Do I need to call Ghazi direct?”

Last month, 50 also took to social media to demand that “Power” producer Randall Emmett pay him back his $1 million loan, which he eventually collected. Meanwhile, he is still awaiting $30,000 in lawyer fees from Teairra Mari.

UPDATE: Rotimi appeared on “TMZ Live,” where he explained that the $300,000 was given to him as a “budget” when he signed to G-Unit Records. 50 let him out of the deal and as part of their agreement, Rotimi would pay him $100,000 upfront and the rest in royalties. However, instead of waiting for payment, Rotimi cut a $100,000 check this week and claims he and 50 are on good terms.

“This is my brother. He wants me to do well,” he said. “It’s just the way he handles situations is unorthodox and I think he was just in a bad mood yesterday.”