Lil Yachty and City Girls

Watch City Girls Shut Down Spring Break in the Video for ‘Act Up’

City Girls shut down spring break in the video for “Act Up.”

The Ray Kay-directed clip opens with a breaking news alert from Lil Yachty, announcing that spring break has been canceled due to the City Girls’ “Act Up” challenge, which is “driving spring breakers literally insane.”

The news report then cuts to footage of Yung Miami strutting through South Beach as fans, cops, and people in ambulances get swept up in the “Act Up” challenge mania—dancing in the streets, in their cars, and on stretchers.

At one point, their Quality Control labelmate Yachty suggests Yung Miami amp up her delivery (“You need more energy because it’s not there”). Last month, Yachty revealed that he wrote most of the EarlThePearll-produced track aside from J.T.’s final verse.

“Act Up,” which is currently at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100, can be found on City Girls’ sophomore album, Girl Code.

Watch them act up and get snatched up.