Barack Obama and Drake

Obama Addresses Drake’s Trolling at NBA Finals

Even Barack Obama has had enough of Drake’s trolling.

The former President of the United States was courtside as the Toronto Raptors took on the Golden State Warriors during Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night (June 2).

Obama casually alluded to Drizzy’s recent antics when they met up before the game. The two greeted each other with a hug and handshake before Obama turned to NBA commissioner Adam Silver and asked, “Is he behaving himself?” Drake seemed to get the joke, responding with laughter.

Drake previously tried to troll Steph Curry by wearing a Dell Curry Raptors jersey to Game 1 of the Finals. On Sunday, he trolled Kevin Durant, who has yet to play in the series due to an injury. Drake sported a black hoodie with a photo of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin on the back and “KEVIN?!?!?!” written under it.

Culkin responded to Drake on Twitter. “Hey @Drake I’m right here, bro. DM me. See you at the BBQ,” he tweeted.

Drake’s trolling didn’t seem to work this time around. The Warriors ended up winning 109-105 against the Raptors as the series moves to Oakland on Wednesday.

After the Warriors victory, Durant had some fun trash talking Drake. “See you in the Bay, Aubrey. You weren’t talking tonight, were you? Bumass,” he said.

Drake responded that the series is tied “1-1” before getting in another dig at Durant: “But you played nicely.”