Young Buck and 50 Cent

Young Buck Unleashes 50 Cent ‘Foofy Freestyle’ Diss


After going back and forth on social media, 50 and Young Buck’s beef has seemingly reached a breaking point. Following footage of a 50 fan harassing Buck in a supermarket, Buck takes aim at his former G-Unit affiliate with his “Foofy Freestyle.”

Over the instrumental for Drake’s Pusha-T diss “Duppy Freestyle,” Buck rips the “Power” producer for his social media antics. “Come on Foofy / This Instagram shit done got goofy,” he raps. “Let’s focus on them 2 million dollars / That ni**a robbed me.”

He also takes aim at 50’s fatherhood (“You know what I learned? How not to be a father”) and says he saved 50 from blows with Floyd Mayweather. Plus, he claims to have written songs for 50 including 2015’s “Too Rich for the Bitch.” “I wrote ‘Too Rich’ for you and this the thanks I get / You taught that young boy to snitch, ni**a / You think you slick,” he raps.

Their relationship went sour in 2008 after 50 claimed Buck had been “unloyal” to G-Unit and kicked him out of the group. They reconciled in 2014, but things took a turn recently when 50 trolled Buck on Instagram for his alleged relationship with a transgender partner. Buck is now looking to get out of his G-Unit contract, but 50 won’t let him exit without paying $300,000.

“Foofy Freestyle” appears on Buck’s upcoming Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks (Young Buck Edition) mixtape. Listen below.