Watch Nicki Minaj Return to Red Lobster with Jimmy Fallon

Nicki Minaj made her epic return to Red Lobster for a dinner date with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

The “Megatron” rapper, who was fired from the seafood restaurant chain, rolled up to the Times Square location in a stretch pink Hummer limousine. After snacking on buttery Cheddar Bay Biscuits and sipping lobsteritas (Nicki had a non-alcoholic version), they sat down for a feast of fried shrimp, cajun chicken pasta, and crab legs.

With their bibs on, Nicki showed Jimmy how to crack the lobster before discussing why she got fired from the job. She revealed that she chased a customer after they didn’t tip her and stole her pen and banged on their car windows while giving them the middle finger. “My manager fired me on the spot,” she said.

After their meal, they made their way upstairs to surprise some unsuspecting customers by serving them food. Dressed as waiters, they made the rounds but Jimmy couldn’t stop eating customers’ food.

At the end, Jimmy presented Nicki with her stolen pen and a black card for free Cheddar Bay Biscuits for life.

During her in-studio sit-down with Fallon, the Queen also confirmed that she is working on a new album, which doesn’t have a title yet. “There’s definitely a new album,” she said. “I’m not putting out the date yet, but there is one.”

She also busted a freestyle on the spot as part of Jimmy’s “Wheel of Freestyle” game, where she rhymed hexagon, Yeti, and edible arrangement. Watch Barbie bust it down.